Get a Maintenance Check-up to Prepare Your Ice Machine for Summer

How do hospitality businesses keep customers happy during summer? Ice-cold drinks, of course.

Refreshing cocktails have clean cubes to bolster presentation. Likewise, it’s hard to beat beer in a bucket of crushed ice.

That’s why you need to rely on a versatile ice machine.

But what happens if your machine suddenly breaks? It’s a common event if you forget to clean and check for damage. Buying bags of packaged ice is a short-term solution. But what do you do in the long-run?

You need a maintenance plan. Ice machines need cleanings, inspections, and possibly repairs every nine months to a year.

Ice Machines TorontoMaintenance from The Iceman

At The Iceman, we offer comprehensive ice machine maintenance plans to hospitality businesses in Toronto and the GTA.

It’s the best way to protect your ice machine investment, as we’ll extend its working life. We do this by inspecting and sanitizing the machine. If we find any part-related problems, we’ll quickly fix them.

Let’s take a look at how you benefit:

  • Higher quality ice: Machines that properly run create hard and pure ice. That’s because they’re free from bacteria and damaged parts.
  • Faster operation: When parts work properly, they quickly make ice. But when a key component – such as the compressor – is damaged, your machine will drain excessive amounts of energy as it crawls to a halt.
  • Affordable bills: Dirty ice machine parts also take a lot of energy to operate at the same level as clean components. By properly washing the machine, your electricity bills will stay affordable.
  • Lower chance of emergencies: Sticking to a maintenance schedule is the best way to avoid ice machine emergencies. When everything works well, sudden problems that stop ice production are rare.

Why wait to start your maintenance plan with our ice machine experts? You’ll keep customers coming all summer with clean, slow-melting ice in their drinks.

>>Contact The Iceman today to set up a maintenance plan and prepare your ice machine for a hot Toronto summer.  

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