Ice Machine Rentals

Are you looking to buy a new ice machine but you’ve got cold feet? We do ice machine rentals!

If you are a budget conscious consumer or if you’re just starting your own business and are unsure of your ice production needs then our rental program is for you. You can find out which ice machine works best for you, or rent an extra ice machine when you need one.

Our rental fees range from $99.00 – $180.00 per month plus applicable taxes (short and long term rentals available).

As an added bonus to our valued customers, all of our ice machine rentals include full warranty coverage at no additional expense. In the event that your ice machine requires servicing during your rental period, The Iceman will cover the cost of the repair—parts and labour—which means no out of pocket expense for you.

Buying vs. Renting

There’s more than just the purchase price to consider when you’re deciding to buy or rent an ice maker.

Here are just a few benefits of renting over buying:

  • You can try before you buy
  • You can upgrade or upsize your ice machine at any time
  • You save money; no repair charges or parts and labour costs
  • You don’t have to worry about warranties