How to Place Your Ice Machine to Maximize Return on Investment

Ice MachinesWhat do you think about before buying an ice machine? Probably cost and the amount of ice it makes. But you should know that where you’ll place the machine is just as important.

Placement influences ROI. It factors into ice quality, long-term function, and even employee productivity.

This begs the question, “where do I put my ice machine to get the most out of it?

Think Strategically

Yes – there is quite a bit of strategy involved in placement.

This may seem obvious: the machine must be hooked up to a cold water supply. But too often, you can find tubes wildly running through bars and restaurants to the ice maker. Avoid the tripping hazard. Keep the machine close to cold water.

Above all, ice machine placement shouldn’t hinder employee productivity.

Take a bartender as an example. The machine should be close to her taps and bottles. She shouldn’t have to run to the kitchen every time she mixes a drink. Doing so eats away at her work hours and increases customers’ wait times. Putting an ice machine in the bar saves everyone’s patience.

Account for Design

In terms of design, certain ice machines are built for certain places.

Undercounter ice machines fit under most 40” countertops. Producing and storing up to 350 pounds of ice per day, they’re built for small businesses that can’t house large machines. By tucking them under a counter, you can easily move around tight bars and small kitchens.

Countertop ice makers, on the other hand, are made for spacious platforms. Ice machines designed for high-volume needs, such as the Kold-Draft GB 1060, require a significant amount of floor space.

Designs that don’t comfortably fit on your floor plan become eyesores. Choose one that’s easy to house.

Allow for Free Space

You can’t confine your ice maker to a small space. Don’t, for example, shove it under a counter where you’re already stuffing a collection of odds and ends.

Here are reasons to give your ice machine enough free space:

  1. You have to keep the storage compartment’s door closed, unless you’re taking out ice. If improper placement forces it ajar, your cubes, flakes, or spheres will quickly melt. And tossing watery ice into drinks typically hurts taste.
  1. Nothing can block the ice machine’s vents. They need air flow to maximize ice production. Put simply, restricting air flow will hurt the ROI you receive on the machine.
  1. Cleaning your ice machine is too hard in tight spaces. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, you should regularly wipe the exterior and interior. Someone also has to check for signs of mould. These tasks are challenging without access to certain sides and areas.

Take time to think about where you’re going to place the machine. And never buy one before knowing where to put it.

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