3 Scenarios When You Will Need an Emergency Ice Delivery

3 Scenarios When You Will Need an Emergency Ice DeliveryWhen was the last time you panicked to find ice? Often, event planners and those in the hospitality industry can simply run to the corner store to buy some bags. Problem solved.

But things get complicated when you’re short on time or need large amounts. It’s trickier when you don’t have access to an ice machine. Your small problem becomes a big issue, as you struggle to serve patrons or party-goers.

That’s when you’ll need an emergency ice delivery. By calling a supplier, you can get ice delivered to your front door.

Here are three scenarios when you’ll need an emergency ice delivery:

1.     Your Ice Machine Is Broken

It happens too often. You go to your bar or restaurant’s kitchen to prepare for the day. You have to fill the ice storage container. But when you open your ice machine’s door, there’s an empty bin.

Maybe the ice maker has run its course. Or maybe you forgot to start your maintenance plan. Either way, the machine’s broken. And it’s not going to be quickly fixed.

With only a few cubes, there’s no way you can get through the lunch rush. Cocktails – and other mixed drinks – are a no-go. There goes a chunk of the day’s profits.

2.     You Didn’t Buy Enough Ice

Ice calculators accurately determine how much ice your event or party needs. But they’re seldom used. As a result, there’s almost always an ice shortage.

If your guests are sweating in a packed room or outside on a summer day, that’s a problem. Halfway through the get-together, you won’t be able to serve refreshing drinks topped with ice cubes. And if you planned to chill beer and other alcohol in an ice bucket, you’re out of luck.

3.     Your Ice Is Impure

It’s happened to event planners, restauranteurs, and even people looking to throw a party. You open a bag of ice or check your bin and notice something strange. The ice is neither clear nor odorless. If you happen to try some – which you shouldn’t – you’ll notice a distinct taste.

Your ice is impure. This is a common occurrence, since ice can be contaminated in a variety of ways.

Ice can be impure if it was:

  • Made from unfiltered water
  • Bagged by poorly-washed hands
  • Produced by a machine in need of maintenance

Remember, serving it isn’t an option. You’ll risk everyone’s health.

Emergency Ice at The Iceman

Luckily, there’s an easy way to dig yourself out of these troubling scenarios. Count on The Iceman.

Give us an hour. We’ll deliver at least 250 pounds of clean ice anywhere in Toronto’s downtown core. Our reputation is built on reliability, so you don’t have to worry.

Save yourself the drive to the corner store and the hassle of tossing all its bagged ice into your trunk. Just focus on entertaining guests or serving customers.

Best of all, our emergency line is open 24/7. We’re always here to help.

>>The Iceman offers the leading ice delivery service in Toronto and GTA. Contact us when you have an ice emergency.

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