The Perfect Cocktail Starts with the Perfect Ice Cube

The hottest trend in the food and drink industry is freezing cold.

Ice cubes are stealing the spotlight when it comes to premium mixologist-made cocktails. Mixologists study and refine classic cocktails and create new and exciting original drink menus. They often use local ingredients paired with spirits crafted from high-quality low-production distilleries. When this much quality goes into a glass it needs to be poured over the best piece of ice.

Ice doesn’t just chill a drink; it adds water and affects the taste of the cocktail as you sip it. Skilled mixologists will plan out the type and the shape of the ice when creating a new drink. The purity of the water and the consistency of the ice cube make all the difference in the flavour of the beverage and it allows a bar to demand higher prices for drinks.

Drink presentation is important when you’re charging $15 for a cocktail, and the shape of an ice cube is one way to get noticed. Recent trends in mixology are focusing on simplicity; they want the taste and quality of the liquor should shine through and through. One of the best ways to simplify a drink is with a perfectly square cube of ice. Kold Draft ice machines create a 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ square sided ice cube.

Kold Draft has become the leading choice for bar and restaurant managers and mixologists; it’s known for clarity and pure taste. The brand has its own hashtag with a huge fan base on twitter and Instagram (as seen above.) We’ve even heard that some seasoned bar and restaurant managers will demand a Kold Draft machine on their signing agreement!

Lots of specialty coffee shops use Kold Draft to keep iced coffee tasting great!

What makes a Kold Draft ice cube better? Here are some of the reasons:

It Melts Slowly
Kold Draft ice cubes are the slowest melting and longest lasting ice cubes on the market. Drink dilution is minimal—which allows you to create premium cocktails that taste delicious to the last drop.

Bonus: The slow melting rate is perfect for large bars with several ice coolers. The ice will last longer and maintain its appealing shape.

It’s Durable and Dense
Soft and fragile ice cubes will crack and fleck when shaken or stirred; resulting in a drink that will melt faster. Hard and dense ice cubes won’t crack and break when you mix a drink. The cube will remain sharp and crystal clear.

It’s Tastes Clean and Pure
The Kold Draft system filters the water 3 times before it starts the freezing cycle. The machine features a horizontal evaporator and water plate that injects high-speed pressurized water into the evaporator. What does that do? It flushes and freezes out impurities.

“sethswizzles”, a bartender from San Diego posted this video of the Kold Draft in action:

Interested in adding a Kold Draft ice machine to your bar or restaurant? Contact The Iceman to get yours today.