Why Your Business Needs a Hoshizaki Ice Machine

HoshizakiWhat’s the secret to finding a reliable ice maker?

It’s hard to say, as many models need frequent maintenance check-ups. Relying on a brand that uses leading technology to preserve parts helps you avoid excessive repair fees.

In this respect, it’s hard to beat a Hoshizaki ice machine. More than 150 engineers make up the research and development team. You can count on them to innovate.

That’s why Hoshizaki ice makers have unique qualities that benefit customers and businesses.

The Hoshizaki Advantage for Customers

Hoshizaki machines make hard and clear ice cubes that aren’t cloudy. This means they rarely dilute the flavour of drinks, as they melt at a slow rate. Patrons who nurse beverages won’t have to worry about watered-down tastes.

You’ll also impress them with a variety of presentations. Hoshizaki offers a wide selection of cube sizes. Sides range from 21 millimetres to 58 millimetres in length. Use small cubes for cocktails and big ones for liquor on the rocks.

You’ll get compliments about your classic drink designs.

The Hoshizaki Advantage for Businesses

You’ve probably owned an ice machine that you washed and inspected for mould every day. It’s a time-consuming, yet necessary, task. But you’ll never spend hours cleaning a Hoshizaki ice machine.

The brand uses a unique “CleanCycle” feature in many models. It flushes the reservoir and evaporator throughout the day, washing away impurities. As a result, machines keep themselves clean.

“CycleSaver” is another Hoshizaki innovation. The machines produce the same amount of ice in half as many cycles as competitor models. This results in reduced energy consumption.

Put simply, you’ll enjoy greater profits and increased machine life.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines at The Iceman

Look no further if you’re interested in these reliable machines. The Iceman has unbeatable selection.

For bars and restaurants that have a lot of regulars, we recommend the Hoshizaki KM-2100 SWH3 ice maker. Powered by CycleSaver technology, it produces almost 2,100 pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day. Due to its unique dimensions, you can stack two units together to double production.

If you don’t need much ice, consider the C-101 BAH. It comfortably fits under counters and makes more than 90 pounds of cubes each day.

Whether you need large or small amounts, we’ll help you find the right ice machine.

>>Interested in Hoshizaki ice makers? Contact The Iceman to buy a machine or learn more.

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