Why a Manitowoc Ice Machine Is Right for Your Business

How do you choose an ideal ice machine for your business? You need to consider many factors, including efficiency, affordability, as well as the style and amount of ice you need.

Taking these into consideration, it’s no wonder Manitowoc is the highest selling ice machine brand in the United States. In fact, it’s dominated the country’s ice-making market since the 1960s.

Why? Put simply, Manitowoc Ice Machines have features that benefit customers and hospitality businesses alike.

The Manitowoc Advantage for Businesses

If you want versatility, Manitowoc is your best option. The brand makes more than 200 machines that produce 65 to 3,380 pounds of ice per day. It’s easy to find an ice machine to meet your specific needs.

These ice makers are also built to keep your bar or kitchen efficient, as they’re Energy Star certified as power-saving machines. They use evaporators made of nickel and copper. These materials remove traces of heat from water, resulting in fast ice production that relies on little energy.

Manitowoc ice machines save 10% more water and 15% more energy than brands without Energy Star certifications. You’ll happily notice the difference when it’s time to pay bills.

Plus, you’ll never have to spend hours washing your machine. Without lifting a single tool, you can remove the machine’s pumps, probes, splash shields, and water trough. Quick cleaning times let you concentrate on customers.

Manitowoc ice machinesThe Manitowoc Advantage for Customers

Patrons will be impressed by the variety of ice you serve from Manitowoc machines. Use flakes, nuggets, and crushed ice – as well as cubes of all shapes and sizes – to create stunning food and drink presentations.

Manitowoc ice rarely dilutes the flavour of the food or drinks in these presentations. This is because it’s fully frozen; many other machines create ice that is partially composed of unfrozen water, causing it to melt much faster. In other words, customers will enjoy the full flavour of everything you serve with Manitowoc ice.

Manitowoc Ice Machines at The Iceman

These quick and versatile ice machines can certainly benefit any hospitality business. That’s why The Iceman stocks a variety of models.

The QuietQube S-3070C will meet all your cubed ice needs. With four evaporators, it makes 2910 pounds of ice per day.

If you’re looking for flaked ice – or simply don’t need large quantities – consider the RF-0399. It makes 329 pounds of ice each day. Plus, its compact design lets it comfortably fit under counters.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ll help you find the perfect ice maker.

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