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Three Reasons to Get an Ice Machine Tune-up After Summer

Ice Machines Toronto How heavily did you rely on your ice machine this summer? Most hospitality businesses capitalize on the hot season by serving an assortment of icy drinks. It’s the best time of year to practice cocktail skills and serve strong liquor on the rocks. By making all that ice, your machine is probably dirty, worn out, and damaged. Read more →
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Get a Maintenance Check-up to Prepare Your Ice Machine for Summer

Ice Machines Toronto How do hospitality businesses keep customers happy during summer? Ice-cold drinks, of course. Refreshing cocktails have clean cubes to bolster presentation. Likewise, it’s hard to beat beer in a bucket of crushed ice. That’s why you need to rely on a versatile ice machine. But what happens if your machine suddenly breaks? Read more →
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How to Place Your Ice Machine to Maximize Return on Investment

Ice Machines What do you think about before buying an ice machine? Probably cost and the amount of ice it makes. But you should know that where you’ll place the machine is just as important. Placement influences ROI. It factors into ice quality, long-term function, and even employee productivity. This begs the question, “where do I put my ice machine to get the most out of it?” Read more →
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Why You Need to Get Your Ice Machine Serviced

Are ice machines long-term investments? They should be. A hospitality business can count on a good ice machine for a decade. But too often, businesses fly through ice machines after only a few short years. This is generally because they fail to use a maintenance plan. Read more →
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3 Scenarios When You Will Need an Emergency Ice Delivery

3 Scenarios When You Will Need an Emergency Ice Delivery When was the last time you panicked to find ice? Often, event planners and those in the hospitality industry can simply run to the corner store to buy some bags. Problem solved. But things get complicated when you’re short on time or need large amounts. It’s trickier when you don’t have access to an ice machine. Read more →
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Why Your Business Needs a Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Hoshizaki What’s the secret to finding a reliable ice maker? It’s hard to say, as many models need frequent maintenance check-ups. Relying on a brand that uses leading technology to preserve parts helps you avoid excessive repair fees. In this respect, it’s hard to beat a Hoshizaki ice machine. More than 150 engineers make up the research and development team. Read more →
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Why a Manitowoc Ice Machine Is Right for Your Business

Manitowoc ice machines How do you choose an ideal ice machine for your business? You need to consider many factors, including efficiency, affordability, as well as the style and amount of ice you need. Taking these into consideration, it’s no wonder Manitowoc is the highest selling ice machine brand in the United States. In fact, it’s dominated the country’s ice-making market since the 1960s. Read more →
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Season’s Greetings: Ice Emergency over the Holidays? We’ve Got You Covered!

Iceman Holidays From everyone here at Iceman, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year! As December fills Canada with all kinds of natural ice – icicles, outdoor skating rinks, frost on the glass, and an icy Lake Ontario – you don’t want to run out of the ice you need indoors… especially when you have so many holiday parties to host! Read more →
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How to Pick the Right Ice Machine for Your Business

Manitowoc Ice Machine Are you looking to purchase an ice machine for your restaurant, bar, hotel, smoothie bar, or coffee shop? With so many types, styles, and sizes of ice makers on the market—it’s hard to know if you are choosing the right one. Read more →