Why You Need to Get Your Ice Machine Serviced

Are ice machines long-term investments? They should be. A hospitality business can count on a good ice machine for a decade.

But too often, businesses fly through ice machines after only a few short years. This is generally because they fail to use a maintenance plan.

Ice makers typically need service from qualified workers once every nine months. You can wait up to a year, but no longer.

Why-You-Need-to-Get-Your-Ice-Machine-ServicedYou can tell your ice machine needs service if it:

  • Makes less ice than it should
  • Uses too much water
  • Operates at a hot temperature
  • Has dirt or mould in the interior or on the exterior

You’ll thank yourself for calling in a maintenance worker. If you choose not to, you should understand the consequences.

The Consequences of Avoiding Ice Machine Service

Ice machines, regardless of the brand, suffer without regular maintenance check-ups. As well as making ice that isn’t pure and durable, you’ll notice many problems:

  • Expensive replacements: Poorly-maintained parts experience wear and tear. As a result, they decrease the lifespan of a machine’s critical components, such as the compressor and fan motor, which are expensive to replace.
  • Unsanitary ice: Unsanitary ice can upset customers. This can lead to complaints and bad reviews that hurt your business.
  • Health code violations: Nothings keeps customers away like a health code violation. Keep the health inspector happy by keeping your ice machine clean. Make sure to clean your kitchen every day and your ice machine at least once a year.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind: Keep empty beer bottles away from your ice machine. Yeast from the beer and moisture from the machine create mould in about two to three weeks.

The Benefits of Regular Ice Machine Service

You can avoid almost any ice machine problem by sticking to a maintenance schedule. In this respect, maintenance pays for itself.

Here are some advantages of regular ice maker service:

  • Higher ROI: You know the consequences of avoiding maintenance. Imagine if your machine suffered from all of them within the span of a few years. You’ll probably have to buy a new one. By getting regularly serviced, your ice machine will prove itself as a smart long-term investment.
  • Lower chance of emergency service: By taking steps to avoid emergencies, you won’t pay the price for urgent, off-hour repairs. It’ll be much easier to look at your bank account the next day.
  • Better ice: Put simply, properly maintained machines make the best ice. When crucial parts – such as the condenser and compressor – avoid dirt and damage, you’ll taste slow-melting ice that’s pure and durable.

The key to enjoying these benefits, and avoiding problems, is setting up a maintenance plan with an ice machine expert.

Your bar or kitchen staff members will thank you, as they’ll know the machine won’t suddenly shut down. Your customers will thank you, as they’ll enjoy unbeatable ice.

>>Need to get your ice machine serviced or want to avoid future dilemmas? Contact The Iceman today to set up your maintenance plan.

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