Three Reasons to Get an Ice Machine Tune-up After Summer

Ice Machines TorontoHow heavily did you rely on your ice machine this summer?

Most hospitality businesses capitalize on the hot season by serving an assortment of icy drinks. It’s the best time of year to practice cocktail skills and serve strong liquor on the rocks.

By making all that ice, your machine is probably dirty, worn out, and damaged. It’s helped you. Now it’s time to help it.

Here are three reasons to get an ice machine tune-up after summer:

1.     Improved Ice Machine Operation

The most noticeable benefit of an ice machine tune-up is improved operation.

Your machine will:

  • Run at a faster pace
  • Produce its maximum amount of ice
  • Operate at a normal temperature

How does maintenance give your ice machine these benefits?

Ice makers that have dirty or damaged parts simply don’t operate properly or quickly. This means they won’t meet their ice-production capabilities.

In an attempt to function well, parts overwork themselves and reach temperatures that are too hot. This further limits operation efficiency.

You can avoid these problems with a tune-up, as a maintenance worker repairs damage and cleans the machine with special tools.

2.     Affordable Energy Bills

When you pay bills after ice machine maintenance, your wallet will thank you.

This is because of what happens as the machine heats up and exerts itself. To meet the daily ice quota, damaged parts demand excessive amounts of energy. This is the only way they can run as smoothly as properly-maintained components.

Energy overloads cause more problems.

The thermostat can break. Wiring may also burn, which usually stops the ice maker from working.

You won’t face these problems, or pricey energy bills, by following a maintenance plan.

And if you’re especially electricity-conscious, you can always buy an Energy Star-certified ice machine.

3.     Higher Quality Ice

Most importantly, ice machines that operate well make slow-melting ice that’s pure and durable.

The check-up process involves thorough cleaning. As the entire machine is sanitized, lime and mould are removed. Contaminants are also blown out from the condenser, letting it create high-pressure vapor that becomes pure water.

With a filtered water supply and interior that’s free from bacteria, your ice machine will make high quality ice.

Customers will quickly notice the difference. Cubes and spheres won’t quickly melt, watering down the taste of liquor and cocktails. Instead, they’ll complement flavour and perfect presentation.

And with happy customers, you’ll run a happy business.

All it takes is a reliable ice maker maintenance plan.

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