Haunted Halloween Ideas Featuring Dry Ice

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s nothing better than out-spooking the neighbours! With the help of dry ice and this handy guide, you can turn your everyday home, restaurant, or event space into a real ghoulishly good time! Before we begin, it’s important to carefully understand and follow the guidelines for safely using dry ice so you can haunt your home as wildly as you please!

Dry ice safety tips: Dry ice is a highly compressed, solid form of carbon dioxide. It gives off a safe, thick smoke when submerged in warm water. Dry ice should be handled with care, however, because it is extremely cold. Wear thick gloves or use tongs when handling dry ice to avoid prolonged contact with skin, which can cause irritation similar to burns. Dry ice should always be stored in either an insulated cooler or a Styrofoam container. Remember: Never place dry ice in an air tight container as the pressure built up could cause the container to burst.

Pumpkin Ghost

Turn your traditional jack-o-lantern into a freakishly fun ghost with this floating effect. Carve along the base of the pumpkin until the bottom is removed, then place a bowl of dry ice in water beneath it. You can light it up with some candles or LED lights. This guy is inspired by Blinky from the Pacman arcade game.

pumpkin ghost

Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes (homemade!)

This one doesn’t rely on dry ice, but it’s definitely equally awesome! Make your own fluorescent ice cubes for those dark and eerie parties by simply adding water and neon colouring, boiling it to enhance the hue, then pour mixture and place in freezer until fright night!


Magic Potions

Concoct an ageing elixir or love potion with your favourite powdered fruit juices and watch magic happen right before your eyes! Grab jars, tubes, and beakers and fill the containers with water and fruit juice mixes. Have a few “experiments” underway before sharing by placing dry ice in a few of the beakers and fill with hot water. If practiced with caution, it’s entirely drinkable! Just serve with a ladle and be sure not to get any dry ice chunks into individual cups.

magic potions

Witches Brew

Join our favourite handy helper Martha Stewart in this video as she makes a safe witch’s cauldron with our favourite magic ingredient – dry ice of course! Keep a kettle nearby so you keep replenishing the brew as it dissipates with time and keep it looking extra foggy.

Dry ice tips: Use a 3:1 water to dry ice ratio to create a thick fog. It’s best to use a heavy plastic bowl that is 4-5 times as large as the piece of dry ice you place in it. Then fill it with the 3 parts hot water.


We hope you like these crafty and creepy Halloween décor ideas using dry ice. If you want to incorporate dry ice into your Halloween party then place a dry ice order with The Iceman today. We’ll set you up with the right amount of dry ice to keep your party guests spooked all evening long. We supply Toronto with a wide range of dry ice products, along with rental items and MistyStix.

Make sure you send us photos of your Halloween decorations to show us how your party décor turned out. Share them with us over The Iceman Facebook page.

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