Packaging Info

You can purchase dry ice packaging materials or have us wrap up and send your shipments.

We take great care in the packaging of your dry ice shipments. Our insulated Styrofoam Shippers are designed to maintain temperature during shipment in cold environments. We surround your items with the proper amount of dry ice required based on size, weight, temperature, and length of travel. Dry ice is ideally suited for the shipment of pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences and meat and bakery food products.

We also package shipments with our re-usable gel packs that last longer than regular ice – the refrigerant gel is designed to protect your product from freezing or over-heating.

View our dry ice packaging materials here.

*Please note that a Class 9 (UN1845) label must be affixed to shipments that contain dry ice.

Dry Ice Shipping Tips

Do you plan on packaging your shipment yourself? Here are some tips on how to pack your shipment using dry ice.

The combination of dry ice and gel packs are a great way to extend freezing time during transportation.

When packing items in a Styrofoam Shipper put the dry ice and any gel packs as close to the product as possible with the dry ice always remaining on top.  Fill any empty space with wadded newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts – as any “dead-air-space” will cause the dry ice to sublimate faster.