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The Mixologist’s Guide to Using Specialty Ice

Kold-Draft icecubes Do bar and restaurant guests appreciate the ice in their drinks? Whether or not they realize it, ice plays a role in taste and presentation. This is especially true for speciality ices. Beyond simple cubes, mixologists use them to create drinks that keep customers in their seats. To help you do the same, we’ve created the mixologist’s guide to using specialty ice:  Craft Cocktails with Kold Draft Cubes Serving the perfect cocktail goes beyond the ingredients you mix. Read more →
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The Perfect Cocktail Starts with the Perfect Ice Cube

Kold-Draft-Ice-Cubes The hottest trend in the food and drink industry is freezing cold. Ice cubes are stealing the spotlight when it comes to premium mixologist-made cocktails. Mixologists study and refine classic cocktails and create new and exciting original drink menus. They often use local ingredients paired with spirits crafted from high-quality low-production distilleries. Read more →