Packaged Ice Quality Standards

Not all ice is created equal. We only distribute clean ice that carries the IPIA seal.

Reports have shown that some ice in fast food restaurants or packaged ice purchased from ice suppliers do not pass food safety inspections.  Whether processed through and packaged from a moldy ice machine, mishandled through the use of dirty buckets or unsanitary delivery vehicles–it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re buying and consuming.

Packaged ice is seen by the FDA and the industry as a food and not just a refrigerant.

IPIA Certified Seal

As a proud member of the IPIA (International Packaged Ice Association) we want you to know that all ice is not created equally and that ice shoppers need to be selective. When purchasing packaged ice, look for a product that has been packaged by a certified IPIA member and carries the IPIA seal.

The seal means that the packaged ice consumers are buying meets the association’s strict quality and safety policy. The stringent Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards (PIQCS) are mandated for all IPIA members to ensure safe and quality ice. The standards regulate employees’ personal hygiene, sanitary operations of the facilities, equipment and utensils used in making and handling ice, as well as the quality of the water source and continuous microbiological testing of the finished product.