Kold-Draft GT 560 – 520 lbs per day Modular Cuber Ice Machine

Available in air cooled or water cooled models.

Dedicated to high quality and lasting value, the GT 560 is Kold-Draft’s Classic ice machine. Kold-Draft produces the industry’s most pure, perfectly square ice cube. The unique design produces exceptional purity for a better looking ice cube with superior taste. Cubes are denser and harder than competitors which result in a slower melting rate. The crystal-clear cubes and pure taste make Kold-Draft ice machines a popular choice among bars and restaurants that serve high end liquor.

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  • Fast ice recovery rates; you get more ice, more often
  • Perfectly square cube known for purity, hardness, and a slower melting rate
  • Unique, “upside-down” horizontal evaporator and water plate
  • Evaporator design freezes pure water first; forcing out air and removing impurities
  • Durable, rugged, and sleek-looking unibody design
  • Reliable operation, greater water efficiency, and maximum ice-making capacity
  • Energy efficient; uses environmentally friendly R-404A refrigerant

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24 Hour Yield 520 lbs.
Condenser Air cooled or water cooled
Dimensions (H x W x D) 30.7″ x 30.1″ x 25.7″
Ice Storage Capacity N/A
Ice Type Full cube or half cube
Voltage 115 or 208-230

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