Site Inspections

We offer free onsite inspections to help you find the right ice machine

Are you in need of an ice machine for your new space? Or are you trying to replace an existing ice machine? Are you unsure of how much ice you will need? Or where you should set up your machine? If the answer is yes, then our free site inspection is your answer.

We provide an assessment of your restaurant or venue to determine which machines are right for your demanding needs. Our sales staff will be able to walk you through the buying process. We will come out to your location (within the GTA) so that we get an understanding of your overall space and most importantly the space in which you would like to have the ice machine installed.

It is at this time as well we can ensure if you have the adequate plumbing and electrical that is required. During this visit we can also provide you with some ice machine options that would best suit your space and application.

Please call us at 416-504-6615 Ext: 224 if you are interested in setting up your site inspection with one of our ice machine specialists.