From the grandeur of a lavish ice bar to the simple elegance of a specially cut 2” perfect ice cube, The Iceman will help you find the perfect complement to any occasion.

You can see your company’s logo etched within a dazzling centrepiece on each table in the dining room, watch your cocktail chill as it slides down a stunning luge of ice and into your glass, or marvel at a custom 3D ice carving of love birds announcing the wedding of you and your loved one, all within the wide-ranging options offered by The Iceman.

Our team has created ice sculpture effects for thousands of events over our thirty-year history and will provide 1-on-1 consultation to develop the display or pieces that is the right fit for both your event and your budget.

So for your next event, why not impress with a liqueur served in an ice shot glass or enhance your appetizers by serving your seafood spread on an ice platter? Whatever your desire, The Iceman is here to exceed your expectations and make your evening memorable.