Ice Sculptures FAQ

  • Can you create an original or customized ice sculpture?

    Absolutely! We can develop a beautiful display from any idea you may have. Almost anything can be sculpted from ice.

  • How large can I expect my ice display to be?

    All of our ice products are carved from solid blocks of ice that measure 40 by 20 by 10 inches, and weigh 300 pounds. As the vast majority of our sculptures are carved from a single block, these dimensions are the maximums you should need to consider for display location purposes, and, once carved, your display should be no heavier than 150 pounds, which can be supported by most banquet tables without problems.

    However, our ice sculpture pieces come in a wide range of sizes:
    -very small ice sculptures (2.5” to 10”) – examples include ice shot glasses and ice plates
    -small ice sculptures (12” to 17”) – ice sculptures displayed as table centrepieces are a captivating option in place of traditional flowers.
    -medium ice sculptures (20” to 30”) – these ice sculptures can elevate a buffet centrepiece to an event highlight
    -large ice sculptures (36” to 40”) – these prominent décor elements in a major event, are frequently displayed around the room and become focal points of the space
    -larger than life ice sculptures (multi-block displays, 6’ to 30’) – frequently displayed outdoors, these sculptures will have lights illuminating them from beneath, and create a powerful effect at promotional events such as film premieres, grand openings, and new product launches.

  • How long will my ice sculpture last?

    There are many variables that effect the longevity of an ice sculpture. Ambient temperature, degree of direct sunlight, sculpture size, sculpture design, and venue ventilation all have a role to play. On average, an indoor ice sculpture will last for approximately 6-8 hrs. Of course, fine details (such as the nose or eyelids on a human figure display) will be the first to melt.

  • Can you stop an ice sculpture from melting?

    Only an adjustment to the temperature of the sculpture can slow down the melting process. We believe this is one of the unique and compelling elements of an ice sculpture, as its inevitable deterioration contributes to its fleeting beauty – a singular display only for a singular occasion.

  • What happens to all the resulting water when my sculpture melts?

    An inconspicuous drip tray sits beneath the sculpture, and for larger sculptures in table displays, a connecting hose drains the water to a container hidden below the table.

  • How are your ice displays sculpted?

    Our sculptors use a combination of unique hand-carving techniques, employed for all 3D designs, and computer-assisted machine-cuttting methods, which allow for the highest levels of precision in fidelity to your desired design.

  • How do you make the writing, letters, or logos white?

    Your engraving is filled with a fine ice and snow mixture to make your message or logo appear opaque against the surrounding crystal-clear sculpture.

  • Why is your ice clear instead of having a white centre as I’ve seen elsewhere?

    All of our original ice blocks are created at our carving studio in specialized Clinebell machines, designed to ensure that the water is in minimal but constant flow as it freezes, which filters out any microscopic air bubbles which would otherwise create the white-centre effect you would recognize from a typical tray ice cube.

  • How far in advance should I request my ice sculpture?

    We recommend reaching The Iceman as far in advance of your occasion as possible as the preparation for some of our sculptures can be time-consuming. This way our sculpture specialist can provide a timeline of when we’ll need any information or confirmations from you for the display phase in order to ensure there is ample time for the carving phase of your desired display in advance of your occasion. We will do our best to fulfill last-minute requests, however, they may be subject to a limited selection and/or a rush fee.

  • Is it safe to consume the ice from my sculpture?

    The ice in your sculpture is all safe for consumption.