We supply the Greater Toronto Area with packaged ice and ice delivery, dry ice, ice machines and ice sculptures… We are your one-stop-shop for all things frozen!

The Iceman has been proudly servicing the Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years. We pride ourselves as Toronto’s largest distributor of packaged ice, dry ice, and ice machines. Our wholly-owned company, iceFX, does amazing ice sculptures!

Our downtown Toronto location is ideally located for supplying restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, hospitals, clinics, and event venues. You can come to our facility to pick it up yourself. We can even set-up scheduled ice delivery.

If you need dry ice to ship products anywhere in North America, or throughout the world for that matter, we can take care of you.

Need to purchase an ice machine? Did your ice maker breakdown? We have you covered! We provide an on-site assessment of your restaurant or venue to determine which machines are right for your demanding needs. We service all makes and models of ice machines. We even offer emergency ice delivery services to tie you over while your machine gets repaired or replaced.

Do you need an ice sculpture for that special occasion? Are you a party or event planner? We offer ice sculpture services too. How cool is that?